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Indonesia is a country that has around 17.000 thousand islands, consisting of more than 6.000 inhabitants. There are many amazing food, friendly people, and stunning natural beauty are offered in Indonesia. However, Indonesia also offers a high-quality education with affordable prices. At the moment, there are around 6.000 International Students studying at universities and other higher education institutions in Indonesia. Hence, Indonesia is an ideal study destination for higher education, and many courses in Indonesia have an industry-focused curriculum.

Many Indonesian students want to study in developed countries. However, did you know that that many European students want to study in Indonesia? What are they interested in?

Following are some stories of international students who have studied in Indonesia,

Iris who comes from Dresden has been playing music since childhood. When he was able to get to know more about the world of Indonesian music while studying in Yogyakarta, he was very impressed. “Each island in Indonesia has different music and traditions. I thought I would never finish studying, one lifetime is not enough to learn everything. But this inspires me. The culture and spirituality there are still very strong,”

Kadir, originally from Turkey, thought that he studied in Indonesia “What I took the most from this experience was the understanding of life and religion,” continued Kadir. “For me, it was a beautiful experience to see how spirituality flows in everyone’s life and that humans do not only live in the material world only.” For Kadir, whose parents came from Turkey, living in Indonesia at that time was his first time living in a country with so many Muslim residents. “Islam in Indonesia is different from that in Turkey or Germany. This influenced my perspective on religion and my life. A big influence.” Until now, Kadir still feels connected to Indonesia and regularly visits Indonesia with his wife.”

The biggest reason for international students studying in Indonesia is Indonesia has a lots of natural beauty and local culture, which makes them interested to studying in it. Moreover, friendly Indonesians and a strong religious life also make them comfortable to live in Indonesia.

Here is Indonesia Scholarship offers to foreign students!


DARMASISWA is a scholarship program offered to all foreign students from countries that have diplomatic relationships with Indonesia to study Indonesian language (Bahasa Indonesia), art and culture in 54 universities in 2015. This program was established in 1974 as part of ASEAN initiative, admitting only students from ASEAN. However, this program was extended further to other countries in 1974. Then, the number of countries participating in this program is more than 111 countries organized by the Ministry of Education and Culture (MoEC), Republic of Indonesia.

The main purpose of this program is to promote and increase interest in the language, art, and culture of Indonesia among the youth of other countries. It has also been designed to provide stronger cultural links and understanding among participating countries.

Students from various partner countries have the opportunity to apply for this scholarship from the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture every year. Moreover, they can study Indonesian language or major in Arts and Culture at one of the tens of universities throughout Indonesia by this scholarship. More than 5,000 foreign students from around 80 countries have studied in Indonesia since this program has started in 1974, and favourite destination cities until now are Yogyakarta and Jakarta.

Writer : Agnes Damora Siburian

Darmasiswa Scholarship.
Studying Abroad in Indonesia for International Students.
Ketika Orang Eropa Semangat Berkuliah di Indonesia.

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