Aceh: A Jewel of Natural Beauty and Islamic Culture

As a province located on the tip of Sumatra, Indonesia. Aceh is quite famous for its natural beauty and Islamic culture. It make Aceh an exciting place for travelers and an important part for everyone who wants to know more about Islamic culture. The daily lives of human beings in Aceh mostly influenced by Islamic culture.

Aceh’s Natural Beauty

The landscape of Aceh describes diversity and offers something for every nature enthusiast. Let’s explore some of its gems:

  1. Weh Island

Weh Island boasts crystal-clear water and a vibrant marine life that make it a haven for underwater exploration. Surrounded by protected wildlife area. A perfect place for eco-tourists who seek for relaxation and exploration of the coral reefs.

  1. Laut Tawar Lake

Surrounded by lush hills and traditional villages, the lake is a haven for peace and natural beauty. A unique attraction here is the Depik fish, or Rasbora Tawarensis, found nowhere else on Earth. This is the perfect spot to escape the bustle of city life and reconnect with nature.

  1. Mount Leuser National Park

Recorded as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, one of the richest tropical rainforests in Southeast Asia. It’s a haven for wildlife enthusiasts and offers breathtaking views for trekkers.

  1. Lhoknga Beach

Calling all surfers! Lhoknga Beach’s beautiful waves and stunning coastline make it a surfer’s paradise. Beautiful crowd in the afternoon! people come to see the sunset. No wonder the spot is popular among tourists and locals.

Aceh’s Islamic Culture

Aceh has strong connections with Islam. One of the first areas in Southeast Asia that embrace Islamic culture, the province has a unique blend of Islamic traditions and customs:

  1. Religious Education

There are many Islamic schools in Aceh. The Islamic scholars, Ulama play a very important role in educational and social affairs. Beside that, the art of Aceh is mostly inspired by Islamic themes. It strongly signifies moral and spiritual messages.

  1. Sharia Law

Aceh is the only province in Indonesia which applies Sharia law. Starting from the basics like dressing, gambling, drinking, moral behavior, and the vital part of business practices, all of those things define the commitment of Aceh to uphold Islamic values.

Signal of Social Justice: Aceh’s support for Palestine

Rafah, a city in Gaza, is the main point of Israel-Palestine conflict recently. That’s why people all over the world made “All Eyes on Rafah” as a symbol of support for Palestinians. Every year, Aceh routinely donates for Palestinians to show solidarity and compassion in the world of humans. Aceh’s contributions focused on humanitarian services, supplying food and money there. Aceh’s continuous support for Palestine shows their commitment to social justice and dedication for humanity.

Aceh offers a unique tapestry of experiences. From the breathtaking beauty of its natural wonders to the depth of its Islamic heritage and unwavering commitment to social justice, Aceh is a destination that will leave a lasting impression. Let’s come explore Aceh yourself!

Writer: Dhini Chalista

Content Writer

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