Efforts to overcome changes in the character of youth today

The youth are a valuable resource for a nation, and their rights must be taken into account, particularly in the area of education. A prevalent issue facing today’s younger generation is, however, the absence of good behavior and character, which is increasingly moving away from the values and moral norms that have been applied in society. This is especially true in the quickly evolving technological period. Viral videos exposing numerous crimes perpetrated by young people in society that are spreading on social media may support this issue.

One that has recently gone viral in society is the case of two teenagers in Makassar who killed a 10-year-old boy and planned to sell his kidney organs. After killing the boy, these 2 teenagers were confused about selling the victim’s kidney because they did not know where the kidney was. Their motive was that they were attracted by the price offered by the site selling the organ. (source: twitter)

The existence of various cases of violence or violations of norms has shown that there are problems in the character and behavior of today’s youth. This is certainly a problem that should be quickly responded to by some parties such as:

1. The Family

The role of the family as the main educator is very influential. Therefore, the growth of children requires attention and protection as well as teaching such as responsibility and honest behavior, humility, mutual respect, and learning to help each other, which will have an impact on good emotional intelligence for them in the future.

2. Teachers
Teachers as educators in the field of formal education should guide students in developing themselves and finding their identity. The process of forming an identity that is based on love and a mature attitude will guide students in developing good abilities and self-confidence. Moreover, formal education must be directed to teach moral values such as the formation of good character, tolerance, friendship, and others.

3. The Community

The Community

Society should support an environment of mutual respect. The attitude of mutual cooperation, deliberation, and respect will be a guideline for youth in upholding the prevailing norms and morals.

4. The Government

The Government

The government can develop or establish effective methods such as continuously monitoring children’s condition. Providing free and accessible counseling places for children and their parents or caregivers will certainly be very helpful in overcoming child behavior problems.

To stop the character and behavioral changes in today’s youngsters. It can also be helped by the knowledge of numerous parties who use social media as a platform to propagate moral principles. Youth will be able to develop into a generation that is prepared to support the welfare of the nation if various parties are aware of the need of developing youth’s character and behavior, such as responsibility, honesty, mutual respect, cooperation, and having a nationalistic mentality.

Writer: Novita Rgg


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