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In recent years, there has been a noticeable increase in environmental awareness among the Indonesian population. Data on the level of environmental concern among Indonesians can be sourced from various channels, including surveys, academic research, and reports from non-governmental organizations. For instance, a 2022 survey conducted by the Indonesian Environment Forum (IEF) found that 65% of respondents considered the environment an important issue requiring greater attention. Participation in reforestation programs has risen by 20% over the past five years, as per the Ministry of Environment and Forestry report.

There has been a noticeable increase in environmental awareness among the Indonesian population, especially among the youth, thanks to initiatives like those led by Pandawara Group focusing on youth empowerment. This trend is reflected in the growing participation of young Indonesians in environmental activities, such as tree planting initiatives, plastic reduction campaigns, and other eco-friendly endeavors. Organizations like Pandawara Group play a pivotal role in engaging and empowering the youth to take proactive steps towards environmental conservation.

Other sources providing insights into environmental consciousness and youth empowerment in Indonesia include reports from environmental organizations such as WWF Indonesia, Greenpeace Indonesia, and research institutions like the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) or the Indonesian Agency for Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics (BMKG). Through collaborative efforts between environmental organizations and youth-focused initiatives like those championed by Pandawara Group, a deeper understanding of environmental trends and behavioral patterns among Indonesian youth can be obtained, ultimately leading to more effective environmental conservation efforts.

Then, who is Pandawara Group?

Comprising five young individuals—Ikhsan Destian, Gilang Rahma, Muhammad Rifqi, Rafly Pasya, and Agung Permana—Pandawara Group frequently invites communities and netizens to join them in cleaning up waste on the ground. The involvement of these five youths from Bandung, who are part of Pandawara Group, began in mid-2022. According to DetikJabar, the formation of Pandawara stemmed from their concern about their area being frequently affected by floods caused by accumulated waste. Feeling uncomfortable with constantly being flood victims, they sought to identify the root cause of the floods, ultimately discovering that the issue arose from waste accumulation in river streams. It was then that the idea arose to create content about cleaning up waste with the aim of advocating environmental issues.

The name “Pandawara” combines “Pandawa” from the Mahabharata war and “Wara,” meaning good news in Sundanese. Pandawara has a significant goal: to encourage all young people in Indonesia to care for the environment through real actions, such as not littering and being willing to clean up waste in front of them.

To further their overarching goal, Pandawara frequently creates content on Tiktok and YouTube and shares their activities on various social media platforms to inspire the younger generation to take care of the environment.

How could the dirtiest beach in Indonesia become like this?

Teluk Labuan Beach in Pandeglang Regency, Banten Province, had become the center of public attention as Indonesia’s most polluted beach due to plastic waste accumulation. However, amidst this environmental challenge, Pandawara Group emerged as a catalyst for change.

Taking proactive steps, Pandawara Group initiated large-scale beach clean-up activities, emphasizing unity between the community and local government. They stressed the importance of collective action rather than blame during this critical time.

“Solutions don’t come from pointing fingers but from collaboration,” remarked a Pandawara Group representative. Their beach clean-up drives serve not only to restore the beach’s natural beauty but also to raise environmental awareness among locals. Through educational campaigns, they highlight the dangers of plastic pollution and promote sustainable waste management practices.

Pandawara Group’s efforts not only demonstrate their environmental commitment but also inspire other companies and communities nationwide. Teluk Labuan Beach now symbolizes hope, showcasing the power of unity in safeguarding our environment.

Pandawara Group x Bank Mandiri: Inviting collaboration with institution to provide a greater impact

Pandawara Group and Bank Mandiri collaborate to uplift Nglanggeran Village as a model eco-friendly village in Indonesia. While the villagers have demonstrated exceptional environmental stewardship, waste separation remains an area for improvement. Recognizing this, Pandawara Group and Bank Mandiri have launched educational initiatives to promote waste segregation practices in the village.

Their shared goal is to empower every Indonesian community to prioritize environmental care within their respective villages. Through education and collaboration, they aspire to cultivate a culture of environmental consciousness nationwide.

Pandawara go to school as #OneDayOneTrashBag serial campaign

Pandawara Group initiated the “Ajaraksa” program at SMPN 5 Bandung to promote environmental awareness and creativity among students. The highlight of the event was a competition where students showcased their ingenuity by crafting recycled artworks on 90x60cm duplex boards.

Judging criteria encompassed creativity, the significance of the artwork, innovative use of recycled materials, and cleanliness during creation. Participants had the opportunity to present their creations to Pandawara Group representatives and a panel of judges.

Beyond the competition, Pandawara Group also conducted informative sessions on waste management, emphasizing the importance of recycling. This holistic approach aimed to not only encourage artistic expression but also instill responsible environmental practices among the youth.

The “Ajaraksa” program stands as a testament to Pandawara Group’s commitment to nurturing the next generation of eco-conscious leaders, fostering a culture of sustainability and creativity in Bandung and beyond.

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