[IYF Update] The Monsters Called Inflation and Recession

IYF Update June-July

IYF Newsletter Vol.3 No.3 | 2023

Hello G’youth! We extend our heartfelt gratitude for your continued support and subscription to our newsletters. Within the realm of IYF Updates, the Indonesia Youth Foundation endeavors to illuminate our past achievements and future endeavors, fostering a deeper understanding of our organization and its forthcoming events. Today marks the return of our third newsletter, delving into the formidable subjects of “The Monsters Called ‘Inflation’ and ‘Recession’. With this discourse, we aim to demystify these economic phenomena, empowering our readers to navigate the complexities of our economic landscape with clarity and insight. 

Throughout the months of June and July, a plethora of captivating activities unfolded within our realm. Notably, we orchestrated our inaugural gathering in Yogyakarta, fostering bonds and camaraderie among our community members. Moreover, on the auspicious date of July 23, 2023, the Indonesia Youth Foundation commemorated its triumphant third anniversary, a testament to our unwavering commitment to growth and empowerment. As we traverse into the future, we envision an ever-expanding horizon of opportunities to inspire and embolden youth. Dive into our latest edition of IYF Update to explore insightful opinion pieces addressing the enigmatic realms of “Inflation” and “Recession”, alongside an array of other delightful offerings awaiting your perusal.

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IYF Update V O L U M E 3 | N O. 3 | A U G U S T 2 0 2 3

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