[IYF Update] The Monsters Called ‘Inflation’ and ‘Recession’

IYF Update June-July

IYF Newsletter Vol.3 No.3 | 2023

Hello G’youth! Thank you for subscribing and following our newsletters so far. Through IYF Updates, Indonesia Youth Foundation will share what the organization has done and will do in the future, so people can easily know about us and our events better. Today we are back with our third newsletter, the topic is “The Monsters Called ‘Inflation’ and ‘Recession’”

There are many interesting activities that we have done during June – July. We did the gathering for the first time in Yogyakarta. Indonesia Youth Foundation also officially turned 3 years old on 23 July 2023, we hope that Indonesia Youth Foundation will continue to grow and provide many opportunities to inspire and empower youth. You also can read opinion articles with the topic “The Monsters Called ‘Inflation’ and ‘Recession’”. And lots of other fun that you can find only in this edition of IYF Update.

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IYF Update V O L U M E 3 | N O. 3 | A U G U S T 2 0 2 3

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