Indonesia – Korea Youth Friendship Forum is a youth forum which is organized by Indonesia Youth Foundation in Indonesia and Peace and  Public Diplomacy Corps in South Korea that aims to connect Indonesian and Korean youths through seminar and discussion which will be held on 21-22 November 2020 through virtual platform. The main theme of this forum is “How to Brand Your Country in The Middle of Global Crisis?” and sub-themes are Economic and Tourism.


This theme will bring us to discuss how we can improve the image of our country after the pandemic. This global crisis situation such as COVID-19 has caused many countries to lose their image, initially being strong becomes weak, initially being good becomes bad, and so on. This of course will greatly impact relations between countries in various sectors. Here, the concept of Public Diplomacy will be very much used for branding a country. For that, the output of this theme is that we are able to answer how a country’s strategy should be to make its country’s image good again after COVID-19.



This forum consists of a Grand Seminar (11/21) and Group Presentation (11/22). The Grand Seminar is a seminar that is opened in general and filled by experts from Indonesia and Korea on the theme presented. Meanwhile, group presentations will be delivered by selected presenters from each country to represent their country according to the specified theme.



  1. Main Theme : How to Brand Your Country in The Middle of Global Crisis?
  2. Sub-Themes : 
  • Economic
  • Tourism


  1. Increasing the insights for future generations.
  2. Opening horizons of knowledge about various problems and solutions.
  3. Opening a discussion forum on how Indonesia and Korea can build their good image again amid and after COVID-19 through economic and tourism.
  4. Spreading Awareness of the importance of youth so that they can take part in building the nation,


Ambassador KIM Chang-beom is a well-experienced diplomat. He is currently working as co-founder and advisor at the newly established Center for Strategic and Cultural Studies (CSCS), Korea.


He has completed his diplomatic career of 39 years in September, 2020. He has served as Korean Ambassador to Indonesia from January, 2018 through July 2020.  He also worked in Brussels as Korean Ambassador to European Union and Belgium from 2012 through 2015.  Amb. KIM has special ties and experiences with European Union, ASEAN and Indonesia, in particular.


During his career, he made significant contributions to the promotion of Korea’s partnership with EU and ASEAN through summit meeting preparations and substantial progresses in trade, investment, and people–to–people exchanges.


He has worked together with the Indonesian Government in reaching a final conclusion of Indonesia – Korea Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (IK CEPA) in November 2019.  As a career foreign service officer, he has served five overseas posts and worked at various positions within the Korean Government ever since he joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in December 1981.


He earned a Master’s degree from Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies in Washington, DC, USA (1986) and is a distinguished graduate of Seoul National University (B.A., 1982).

Born in 1960, in Seoul, Korea, he has a wife and two sons.

YI Kiho is a professor at Graduate School of Social Innovation Business and the executive director of Center for Peace and Public Integrity in Hanshin University, South Korea.


Previously, Yi worked as secretary general of the Korea Peace Forum from 2003 to 2006, focusing on peace and cooperation issues between North and South Koreas in the context of Northeast Asian cooperation.


He also served as an advisory member of the Presidential Committee of the Northeast Asia Initiative during the period of Roh Moo-hyun government. From 1999 to 2002, Yi was a visiting scholar at Waseda University in Japan, looking at the local/transnational civil movement and its links to peace in East Asia.


Before 1999, he worked for ten years in the Korea Christian Academy, where he focused on Korean political change and global peace networks. In 1997, Yi completed his Ph.D. dissertation, titled “Social Movement Networks in the Democratization Process of Korea” at Yonsei University.

Adelia Surya Pratiwi is an Economist of Fiscal Policy Agency, Ministry of Finance, Republic of Indonesia. She is currently working as a Head of Public Communication Strategy and Management too at Fiscal Policy Agency, which is formulating and managing FPA public communication strategy, media relations, and education.


Prior of being Head of Public Communication Strategy and Management at Fiscal Policy Agency, she also worked at World Bank office in Indonesia and Malaysia as Consultant (Secondee) from August to December 2018.


She produced macroeconomics, trade, investment, and poverty-related analysis to the World Bank, including Indonesia’s monthly economic report to office of the President, feeding into Indonesia Economic Quarterly report, and contributing to 2017 Commitment to Equity (CEQ) analysis for Indonesia.


During her career, she made many significant contributions to the field of economy and finance. She published many articles and books at the incredible media in Indonesia such as the Jakarta Post, Gramedia Pustaka Utama, among others.


She earned a Master Degree (MSc) International Money and Banking at University of Birmingham with Chevening Scholarships, Bachelor Degree (BSc) Economics at Universitas Indonesia with cum laude, and Diploma in Taxation at Sekolah Tinggi Akuntansi Negara with cum laude.


She has been a Lecture for D4 Financial Management Program, Sekolah Tinggi Akuntansi Negara.

Welcoming Remarks

Chang-Beom Ki (8)

Fauzi Wahyu Zamzami is currently the Student of International Relations at Universitas Islam Indonesia focusing on Public Diplomacy and Global Communication. Prior of founding Indonesia Youth Foundation, Fauzi was known as one of the leader in youth development.


Fauzi has led some of the youth organization, such as: Central Language Improvement UII, Language Development Department, and English & Arabic Club (EAC) which focused on foreign language development for students. Fauzi is also the Program Development Manager of BUMI (Beasiswa Unggulan Muda Indonesia) Scholar and the Lesson Planner of Bicara Proses.

His contribution and commitment to youth development have been recognized globally. He has received the 2020 FPSB Most Outstanding Student III Award (MAWAPRES Utama / Teladan), the 2020 FPSB Most Outstanding Student II Award at Research and Scientific, the 2020 FPSB Most Outstanding Student I Award at Communication and Publication Paper by Dean of Faculty of Psychology and Socio Cultural Sciences UII, and the Top 10 Best Finalist of AICHR Youth Debate by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, among others.


He is also an Ambassador for EXIMUS 2020 at IIM Bangalore, India. His achievement has been featured by UII News, Radar Cianjur, Info Cianjur, and ISMA Magazine. In 2018, he was selected for the Awardee UII Excellent Student Scholarship 2018 from 200+ registrant which covered full tuition fee and accomodation.

Chang-Beom Ki (9)

Yim Dabin is currently a leader of ‘Peace and Public Diplomacy Corps’ and undergraduate student of diplomacy and education of social studies in Seoul national university.


During 2018-2019 she worked at a Seoul branch of ‘Peacenabi’ which is a group of students who study and fight to solve the Japanese Military Sexual Slavery problem.


In 2020 she joined ‘Peace and Public Diplomacy Corps’ and spoke about the method to make young generation close to peace discourse in 2020 Korea Global Forum for Peace.

MC & Moderator

Saskia Salsabila

Saskia Salsabila is a lifelong learner who’s eager to challenge herself outside her comfort zone to be the best version of herself.


She is passionate about business development and won the Hackathon Pitching in Youth Speak Forum AIESEC Malaysia.


She had experience working with diverse people in the world’s largest global youth-run organization.


She also involved herself in some international and national volunteer projects to contribute to society.


Rainasyia is currently a foundation student and is expected to start her undergraduate studies in the University of Queensland majoring in International Relations. She is very interested in global issues, especially in the humanitarian aspect.


Throughout high school, she was very involved in the Model UN circuit, racking up multiple awards such as Most Outstanding Delegate in ALSA e-MUN 2019 among many others.


She was also the recipient of the Chrysalis Chairman’s Scholarship in 2018 to go to Chrysalis International Young Leaders Conference in Australia where she then won the Bronze Award at the Group Presentation Finale.

Date and Venue

  • Date : 21 – 22 November 2020
  • Venue : Zoom (Virtual Platform)

Event Rundown


  1. Age between 18-30 years old.
  2. Indonesian and South Korean citizens.
  3. Good in English.
  4. Willing to play an active role in the Indonesia-Korea Youth Friendship Forum.


  1. Increasing insight and knowledge related to issues between countries
  2. Networking opportunities with Indonesian and Korean people
  3. Opportunity to convey thoughts, views, and ideas to the wider community
  4. Opportunity to collaborate with Indonesians and Koreans from various sectors (academics, practitioners, students, etc.)
  5.  Each delegate will get an e-certificate of participation in Indonesia Korea Youth Friendship Forum.
  6.  Delegates with the predicate of best presenter, best paper, and best team will get an awards such as placate and e-certificate.
  7.  Each delegates will have a chance to be the country representative in the Indonesia Korea Youth Friendship Forum

Application Process

Wanna join this forum? You can participate as Essay Presenter or General Participants

Information :

Essay Presenter is a group of participants who take part in an essay competition and are selected to present their essays in Indonesia – Korea Youth Friendship Forum. There are 2 groups who will be selected as Essay Presenter and they will present their essay at Indonesia – Korea Youth Friendship Forum (1 group consist of 2-3 people). Meanwhile, groups that are not selected will automatically become general participants.

General Participants are participants who register as general participants or participants who are not selected as essay presenters, and later only become general participants in Indonesia – Korea Youth Friendship Forum.

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