“Give me ten youths, surely I will shake the world”, this sentence is a quote from the first president of the Republic of Indonesia, Ir. Soekarno. Looking back at the history of Indonesia, youth had an important role in determining the direction of the nation. It has often been associated with the development of our nation and has not been doubted since the struggle for Indonesian independence history. The roles of youth are agents of change and development. This can be seen from how youth participate in supporting changes and development in the community, both nationally and regionally, towards a better future. The agent of development here concerns the ability to develop the potential of other young generations to achieve national development goals. In addition, youth are also agents of reform, in which youth must have the ability to analyze the dynamics that are happening so that they can choose which ones need to be changed and which ones should be maintained.

ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) is an organization whose members are countries in Southeast Asia and the year of 2023 is the momentum for Indonesia’s presidency. Based on Vice President K. H. Ma’ruf Amin’s speech back in 2020 at the ASEAN Youth Interfaith Camp (AYIC), “One-third of ASEAN’s population is young, thus one in three people in ASEAN is young”. It has been proven in these past years that youth has made a significant contribution to ASEAN and has even bigger potential in welcoming the future of ASEAN. In addition, ASEAN’s efforts in youth are to establish a better socialization of ASEAN Youths standards and to create ASEAN Youths that are harmonious with each other. By instilling a strong foundation in the younger generation, ASEAN will achieve the vision it aspires to. Therefore, the Indonesia Youth Foundation’s Grand Event is here with the “Youth Empowerment Workshop: The Role of Youth in ASEAN 2023” activities. This event is a form of appreciation from the Indonesia Youth Foundation for supporting Indonesia to become Chair of ASEAN in 2023. In addition, the Indonesia Youth Foundation hopes to become a facilitator between youth and ASEAN in raising awareness, building youth enthusiasm, developing youth soft skills, and increasing kinship among youth on an international scale.

Name of Activity

Youth Empowerment Workshop: The Role of Youth in ASEAN 2023

Theme of Activity

The theme of Youth Empowerment Workshop by Indonesia Youth Foundation is “The Importance of Youth as The Changemakers of The World”. Through this theme, Indonesia Youth Foundation aspires to encourage youth to procure these opportunities to the best of their capacity. The main theme is branched into two parts; an introduction of ASEAN under the chairmanship of Indonesia and the range of opportunities the new era has to offer for youth.

Subtheme of Youth Empowerment Workshop :

  1. What to expect from Indonesia ASEAN Presidency in 2023?
  2. To what extent and how can youth be involved in it?
  3. ASEAN-provided organizations, volunteerism, or programs available for

Purpose and Benefits of Activities

This activity has the useful purpose of adding insight and knowledge to young people and sparking the enthusiasm of potential young contributors to participate actively in ASEAN regional prospects of activities.

The Youth Empowerment Workshop: The Role of Youth in ASEAN 2023 aims to:

  1. Sharing insights for future generations,
  2. Opening horizons of knowledge about various problems and solutions,
  3. Opening a workshop platform for youth to explore their interest and develop soft skills,
  4. Raising recognition of Indonesia’s position as the Chairman of ASEAN 2023 to international participants,
  5. Raising awareness for aspiring individuals to international

Time and Place

The activities will be held on

Day/date         : Saturday – Sunday, 13 – 14 May 2023

Time                : 09.45 WIB (GMT +7) – Finished

Venue              : Zoom meeting.

Target of Activity

The Youth Empowerment Workshop: The Role of Youth in ASEAN 2023 has limited slots for 100 participants. Participants who registered will have opportunities to collaborate in Focus Group Discussions (FGD) on the second day. Participants will be divided into seven groups and will discuss the study case that we have assigned to them. Then, participants will present their discussion results and get feedback from the speaker.

Indonesia Youth Foundation will send invitations to high schools from over twenty provinces in Indonesia to send their student’s delegation to participate in this event. Though the target of this activity is mainly high school students, it is also open for the public with a minimum age of 15 years old. Participants are able to speak English and are committed to participating in all series of events.

Those who do not have the opportunity to register due to limited slots still can access the webinar through live streaming broadcast which will be published on the Indonesia Youth Foundation YouTube.

Output of Activity

Through The Youth Empowerment Workshop: The Role of Youth in ASEAN 2023, these are the expected output from the activity

  1. Participants gain insight into the vision and mission of ASEAN 2023,
  2. Participants gain the ability to think critically and good public speaking in English,
  3. Participants gave their support for Indonesia becoming the Chairman of ASEAN 2023,
  4. Participants can participate in the development of an international scope,
  5. Established kinship between participants in the international



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Contact Person

Albert (+62 811 – 4316 – 075)

Aulia (+62 895 – 3316 – 68626)