Meet Tayyip Saritas: A Turkish Youth from The Netherlands

Hello G’Youths! Featuring “The Voice of Youth”, we will meet a Turkish youth who have been living in The Netherlands for 20 years, Tayyip Saritas.

Tayyip Saritas

Tayyip Sarıtaş is a Turkish youth living in the Netherlands who has been fond of Indonesian culture for the last two years.


Besides volunteering in the Communication Department at MGT Netherlands, he has also been active in his channel which focuses on making contents for Indonesian audience.

On a zoom meeting, last few weeks ago, he stated, “I was introduced to Indonesia through a friend that I met online.


I usually heard about it in my history class: How the Netherlands colonized Indonesia. I like Indonesia because it has similar culture as Turkey when it comes to having a guest at home – Friendly.


I like it because they have the biggest Muslim population, many different cultures in one country, many types of foods, and beautiful landscapes.”

These reasons brought him to make his own channel which focused to learn more about Indonesia at the time when he took gap year.


During the meeting, he also shared his experience, tips on how to utilize time, and how to overcome some problems that youths normally face.

“The reason I took a gap year is because of mental health. I realized that I was struggling with myself.


I couldn’t finish anything I started and was super negative about myself. I went to therapy for a year and it honestly helped me a ton.


What I learned while being in a gap year: Don’t be too comfortable with your freedom; try to get out of your comfort zone.


Wake up early and try to be productive, because it is really easy to fall in this pit hole of laziness. Try to do things you wouldn’t normally do because you are so busy with school or work.


Never stop dreaming, you should always think ahead while living the now. Try to explore new things. Try to learn more about yourself – get to know yourself better.”

Finally, the meeting was ended by a message from Tayyip. He suggested that as a youth, we should never forget why we are in this world in the first place and we should never stop believing.


Moreover, he added, “I think if we look at the life of our prophets and read the Quran, everything will become easier – It’s like a guide for us, and therefore, if you want to make the most of your life.


Just do that! I know that it’s hard to practice at times, everyone has their own struggles, but never forget: Allah doesn’t burden you if you are not strong enough to take it.


Always look with a positive mindset to things. Do your best, if you fail, don’t worry. After rain comes sun.”