Indonesian-African Youth Empowerment Forum


Covid-19 has taken over the world by storm and changed our war of living in many sectors, including education. According to UNESCO’s report in the middle of April 2020, 94% of students in the world were affected by the pandemic, represented around 1.58 billion youngsters in 200 countries.


Facing that issue, the traditional way of learning in class has now been replaced by online meetings via virtual meeting platforms. However, this new method of learning is still limited due to the less-regulated distance study or limited tools/media studying at home. Making it difficult for many pupils in the world to access their right to getting a proper education.


For example in West Africa, the connection of the internet in many regions, where mostly located in rural areas, have been unavailable. Furthermore, there is additional budget from African students must be paid to purchase the devices or tools for supporting their e-study process. This condition is overviewed by report from that nearly 90% of students have no computer and approximately four fifths of them have no internet access.


Similar to that, situation in Indonesia has no significant different with Africa. It could be elucidated by survey from SMERU Research Institute that tutors in big cities, specifically in Java Island, has proper tools to support education activities. Oppositely, teachers in rural areas, such as villages in Kalimantan and Papua, could not afford internet access so they should visit their students for giving the task or even study materials.


Indonesian-African Youth Empowerment Forum is organized by Indonesia Youth Foundation and African Youth Architect in hope to tackle the problem of inequality education by working together as youth of both countries to brainstorm new ideas and enhance a better relationship between Indonesia and Africa.


“Remote Learning in Indonesia and Africa: Improvement and Implementation Strategies”

Date and Place

Date: Saturday, 30th January 2021

Place: Zoom Meeting


  1. Igniting productive discussion on how Indonesia and Africa could cooperate to develop edu-tech supporting education after pandemic.
  2. Spreading the awareness of youth in building the nation through education.
  3. Producing new insights to minimize various problems in education and find out the potential solution for future generation.


  1. Creating productive discussion based on the topic.
  2. Creating insights as potential solutions to solve the problem occurs in Indonesia’s and Africa’s education system.
  3. Building good friendship and partnership between Indonesia and Africa.


Speaker from Indonesia

Theresia Ebenna Ezeria or Tere has multiple experiences serving as a delegate for Indonesia in many international events. She gained her bachelor’s and master's degree in Communication from the University of Indonesia. In 2009-2012 she served as Member of Parliament of Indonesia in Committee X (Education, Culture, Tourism, Youth, and Sports). Working now in the music industry, she initiated Sisterhoodgigs Movement in 2014, a movement for the female musicians' community.

Speaker from Indonesia

Maman Fathurrohman is currently the Head of the Center for Curriculum and Books Balitbang and Books of the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia. He gained his master's degree in Mathematics from Bandung Institute of Technology and completed his Ph.D. at the University of Wollongong. He has conducted many research in the field of education, especially in digital learning.

Speaker from Africa

Kaddy Momoh is the Education & Research Director of African Youth Architects, she received her Associate Degree in Business Administration from Borough Manhattan Community College, New York City, USA. She is currently working towards her bachelor’s degree in Finance and minor in Early Childhood Education at Baruch College Zicklin School of Business, New York City, USA. Kaddy is an advocate for student’s rights, she was the former president of the African Student Association to represent Africans and make sure that the needs of African international students

Speaker from Africa

Heba Assem Adel Mohamed is the founder of Guardians of AfroArab Leadership Initiative, she was the first receipt of the Young African Leaders Awards 2019 for outstanding Visionary Leadership and dedication to the community and nation-building, and Steering Committee member at World Youth Forum. she holds a postgraduate diploma in Crisis and Conflict Management in Africa from the Faculty of African Postgraduate Studies, Cairo University. She is a trainer at the first batch of African Presidential Leadership APLP at the National Training Academy in Egypt. During the Crisis of COVID-19, Heba started to give online lectures on leadership skills for over 800 young African leaders across Africa to be leaders and peacemakers in their communities, she also raises awareness against terrorism polarisation within her training program.


  1. Minimum age is 16 years old
  2. Youth from any nations are welcome to join
  3. Willing to play an active role in this event


  1. Increasing insight and knowledge related to issues between countries
  2. Networking opportunities with Indonesian and African people
  3. Opportunity to convey thoughts, views, and ideas to the wider community
  4. Opportunity to collaborate with Indonesians and Africans from various sectors (academics, practitioners, students, etc.)
  5.  Each participants will get an e-certificate of participation in Indonesian-African Youth Empowerment Forum 2021

Application Process

To participate in this forum, make sure to do the following requirements:
1. Follow our Instagram at @indonesiayouthfoundation and @africanyoutharchitects
2. Share the poster ( on your Instagram story or social media group
3. Fill out and submit the registration form no later than January 27, 2021

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