“When you are able to maintain your own highest standards of integrity -regardless of what other may do – you are destined for greatness” 

– Napoleon Hill

The young generation is a big aspect of the nation because the younger generation will continue where this country will grow and develop. Hence, the younger generation can be said to be a reflection of a country itself. Because to support a good young generation, many factors are needed, such as:

1. Education

Education is the most important thing that can be done to educate the next generation of the nation because a good education will produce the best figure in their field. Therefore, there is a need for proper and equitable education for all children and youth in Indonesia.

2. Welfare

Welfare in question is welfare in obtaining all the necessities to support education itself, such as being able to go to school properly, having stationery and other school equipment, as well as access to adequate learning places. Welfare can also be in the form of educational scholarships, both domestically and abroad.

3. Opportunity

In addition, the younger generation also needs to be allowed to be able to go directly to the field. Such as participating in politics, being allowed to provide opinions and innovations, as well as the opportunity to be able to play a role in representing Indonesia in other countries.

Carrying the name of Indonesia in other countries is an opportunity and great pride that can be achieved with all kinds of achievements, and in all fields. To cultivate this spirit, of course, you need to have an inspiring figure who can show the greatness of Indonesia in the eyes of the world, and the nationalist spirit of Indonesian youth will grow with it. These inspirational figures such as Maudy Ayunda, Najwa Shihab, Tasya Kamila, and so on can be examples of the nation’s youth to be able to emulate the achievements of this inspiring figure.

These achievements are not only embodied in the field of education, but also in fields such as sports, art, and culture. There are many fields that the young generation of Indonesia can pursue to be able to compete domestically or internationally, so that the achievements of the nation’s youth will be seen by countries in the world. This can lead to a positive perspective for Indonesia from other countries so that other countries are also interested in being able to cooperate with Indonesia. At present, many international organizations are cooperating with the young generation in Indonesia, and Indonesian youth organizations also exist in international world organizations. Therefore, the role of the younger generation in Indonesia is very important and huge. So, let’s be the best version of young generation!

Writer : Mafta Clarisa Setya Wibowo

Source :

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Image Source :

  • Image 1 – Tasya Kamila Attended ECOSOC Youth Forum at the UN.

  • Image 2 – Pelajar Indonesia Juara Umum Olimpiade Internasional Matematika


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