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In this developing world, many new sciences are also constantly developing. As youth, we are required to be active in learning new things and applying them. Besides, the globalization era forces us to learn more things from many different backgrounds. Public diplomacy is a science that is still rarely discussed in Indonesia though this field of science is very important in developing Indonesia in many sectors. Therefore, the discussion about public diplomacy should be widespread and can be studied by various groups in Indonesia.

Are you interested in writing articles on the topic of public diplomacy? Or do you have an opinion about Indonesian diplomacy? Follow these guidelines for contributing your amazing ideas.

Type and Theme of the Writing

For now, we accept articles of various types of opinion and analysis related to public diplomacy. Including issues related to it such as public diplomacy relations with tourism, education, youth empowerment, etc.

what kind of Writing are we expecting?

  1. We expect articles that are informative and sharp but written in an easy way.
  2. Make sure that public diplomacy is the main focus of your writing
  3. Elaborate your opinions and arguments in a concise and straightforward way
  4. We expect an article that is based on strong arguments, data, or statistics.

Writing Submissions

  • Open for all
  • An article must be written in English
  • An article must be original
  • The article contains about 500 – 700 words
  • Send it in the PDF file format, Times New Roman 12, Space 1.5
  • Mention your references and data sources
  • Send the articles to indonesiayouthfoundation@gmail.com, Email subject: Article IYF 2020 – Your name -Title of the article
  • Please attach one to two pictures related to the content of the article
  • Describe yourself in about 50-100 words and put the description in the same word document
  • Attach your personal photos when you send the article in the email
  • Article submission is open every time
  • An article can be written individually or in a group which consist of maximal 2 people
  • You can submit more than one article

What benefits will you get after sending the article?

  • You will get feedback from the expert. Feedback will be sent 4 days after submission
  • There will be a certificate for the author as awards which will be announced monthly for the following criteria:
  • The most favorite article of the month

Will be marked based on the amount of the viewers

  • The most productive author of the month

Will be marked based on the number of articles written by the author

  • Your work will be published on the Indonesia Youth Foundation website

For more information or any queries feel free to contact:
Hamamurizki: (+62)81226604221 or  Quraish Syihab: (+62)85256790933


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