The Role of Technology in Education in Indonesia

In today’s era, people are highly dependent on technology. Technology is a basic need for everyone. From parents to young people, from experts to ordinary people, technology permeates every aspect of their lives. Today’s technology advances rapidly.

Unlike in the past, technology is having a major impact on all aspects of human life and plays a role in wider community life, especially in the field of education. In education, technology is now playing its part in teaching and learning.

The results of this technology have long been used in the field of education. The invention of paper, the printing press, radio, film, television, computers, and other things have all been used in education. Essentially, these tools are not specifically designed for educational purposes, but they can be used in the educational field. The rapid development of information technology in today’s era of globalization is inevitable, and its impact on the world of education is unavoidable. Global requirements require the education sector to continuously adapt to technological developments and to

continuously strive to improve the quality of education, especially the use of information and communication technologies in the education sector, especially in the learning process.

It is this shift in needs that has led the education community to demand innovation and creativity in the learning process to meet the current global demands of the 21st century.

In addition to teachers, this technology also plays its role for students, namely as an online learning medium (online), an online learning medium with a wider range of applications, replacing books, replaced by e-book technology, as a learning medium for groups, learning is more concise because this shows us what we are looking for. It is for students learning.

Because smartphone technology is equipped with instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp, it is possible to form groups among students to facilitate group discussions without meetings. With the existence of learning method technology, students also have wider knowledge, such as Google search engine, there are many articles and knowledge in it that we can obtain for free.

Many positive effects can be derived from the use of information and communication technology in the educational world. However, there are also negative aspects that involve the facilitation of intellectual property rights violations (IPR) because it is simpler to access data that cause plagiarism to commit fraud, even though the administrative system of a school is like a system without gaps.

If there is a lack of care in the administration of the system, this will lead to fatal results. One of the negative aspects of television is that it promotes the idea of thinking quickly and focusing on a short timeframe. E-learning can morph into a teacher conversion and lead to the elimination of teachers, or it can also lead to the creation of individuals who are alone because the system can be conducted alone. It’s even possible that the students’ ethics and discipline are difficult to regulate and promote, as a result, the ethics and humans, especially students, will decrease significantly, and the main characteristics of humans, namely as social beings, will be lost.


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