The Avengers Headquarters is in Indonesia

Avengers is an American superhero film produced by Marvel Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures based on Marvel Comics under the superhero team of the same name. In the film, it is said that the Avengers have a headquarters with the ‘A’ logo which is a place for superheroes or avangers to gather.

Monumen Kapsul Waktu di Papua, kedua kalinya Presiden Jokowi sebut 'Avengers'  - BBC News Indonesia

It turns out that the Avengers building is also in Indonesia! The building which is called the ‘Avengers Headquarters’ is in Papua, precisely in Merauke. Interestingly, it turns out that the building is the Time Capsule Monument which has actually been inaugurated by President Jokowi since 2018.

This monument has five entrances. The five accesses to the capsule monument building mean that the five indigenous Merauke tribes namely Malind, Muyu, Mandobo, Mappi and Auyu who guarded the capsule monument at that time.

This monument is not an ordinary construction, but is a historical work of art intended for the next generation of the nation. The architecture of the monument also adopts elements of Papuan culture, where a time capsule will be placed on top of a monument building inspired by the Dani Tribe war tower.

Here is stored a time capsule containing seven big dreams of the nation’s youth for a developed Indonesia which will be opened in 2085. The seven dreams of the nation’s children from 34 provinces which are written and stored in a time capsule are as follows:

1. Indonesian human resources are intelligent enough to outperform other nations in the world. 
2. Indonesian society upholds pluralism, culture, religion, and upholds ethical values.
3. Indonesia as the center of education, technology and world civilization.
4. The Indonesian public and government officials can be free from corrupt behavior
5. Equitable infrastructure development throughout Indonesia
6. Indonesia as an independent country and the most influential country in Asia Pacific
7. Indonesia as a barometer of world economic growth.

Writer: Agnes Damora Siburian

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