New Record for Indonesia’s Bodybuilder History

The Indonesian bodybuilder representatives for the 2022 Amateur Olympia in Las Vegas were Chris Putra and Fareza Febri, who have done terrific in their past and current career records. The International Federation of Bodybuilding & Fitness (IFBB) hosted the competition in the United States from December 15-18 of 2022.

This was Indonesia’s first-time sending athletes to this prestigious competition, hence it is a new hope for Indonesia’s future sport career and making it a new target ambition for other Indonesian bodybuilder athletes.

Chris and Fareza previously competed in NPC Worldwide Singapore 2022; with both taking 5 gold medals in the bodybuilding and classic physic categories, respectively.

Their past successes qualify for their participation at the Amateur Olympia Las Vegas. In this competition, innumerable of Indonesian citizens, including the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno, expressed their euphoric support.

Alas, Chris Putra won first place in Men’s Physique and fourth place in Men’s Classic Physique Class A, while Fareza Febri won fourth place in Men’s Classic Physique Class B. At the same time, Chris Putra also won Overall Winner Men’s Physique and an IFBB Pro Card, which allows him to compete in the Mr. Olympia competition in 2023 to represent Indonesia. Fareza Febri also will still continue his training for the next competition to once again represent Indonesia.

This competition is considered as a great action for Indonesia to gain recognition and goals in this sports field. Their success can surely be an inspiration for the youth that have dreams to be a bodybuilder athlete. Government can also give this prospective sport field more attention to support current and future athletes.

For both, Rizki and Fareza, we can surely wait for the next awards that they will bring to Indonesia, and wait for the next athlete that can also represent Indonesia in other competition.

Indonesia is entering the international arena for bodybuilding, and Indonesia has talented athletes in various sports that can bring Indonesia’s name greater recognition around the world. Despite the fact of being the first athletes from Indonesia to compete, that does not preclude them from winning this very prestigious competition.

Writer : Bryan Richie Indra


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