Engkau patriot pahlawan bangsa pembangun insan cendekia…”

That’s the lyrics of the song “Hymne Guru” were created by Sartono, a music teacher born in Madiun, East Java. Sartono began his career as a music teacher in 1978 at a private foundation in Madiun City. He created the song in the 1980s. This song is often sung by students in Indonesia starting from elementary to high school. This song is also always sung in along with the momentum of National Teacher’s Day which is celebrated every November 25.

Reporting from the page, the national teacher’s day commemoration was motivated by the birth of the Republic of Indonesia Teachers Association (PGRI) which was previously named the Dutch East Indies Teachers Association (PGHB) in 1912. This organization was formed to fight for the fate of its members who have different educational backgrounds, social statuses, and groups. In 1942 the Japanese army occupied Indonesia and banned all organizations, so the PGI could not continue its activities. After Indonesia’s independence, Indonesian educators held the Indonesian Teachers Congress on November 24-25, 1945 in Surakarta. The Congress was attended by teachers and education employees until finally formed the Republic of Indonesia Teachers Association (PGRI). Based on Presidential Decree No. 78 of 1994, the Indonesian government established PGRI’s birthday on November 25 as National Teacher’s Day which is celebrated every year.

The national teacher’s day is one of the appreciations given by the Indonesian nation to teachers. The existence of teacher days indicates that teachers occupy one of the important positions in this country. There are various national Teacher’s Day celebrations that are commonly done in Indonesia, including:

1. Ceremonies in Schools and Government Institutions

Flag ceremonies are usually held in the morning around 8 a.m. The ceremony is followed by ceremony participants from each school or institution. Something is interesting about the implementation of teacher’s day ceremonies held in schools. Usually, students are the executors of ceremonies that are routinely held every Monday morning in each school starting from elementary to high school in Indonesia. However, special ceremonies commemorating teacher’s day who act as the executors of the ceremony are teachers, ranging from ceremony inspectors, ceremonial commanders, flag raisers, to choirs to accompany the song, Indonesia Raya. In addition, specifically the commemoration of teacher’s day, the ceremonial commander also delivered a speech on behalf of the Minister of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia.

2. Special Performances from Students

Of course, students in school have different talents. Teacher’s day celebration is one of the moments that can be used to show the various talents that students have. The performances shown are usually like dancing, singing, short dramas, band performances, poetry for teachers, and so on. One of the songs that must be sung by the students is the “Hymne Guru” song. This performance usually ends with singing and taking pictures together with teachers and friends.

3. Various Exciting Competitions and Games

The celebration of teacher’s day is also often accompanied by holding various exciting competitions and events. This competition can be participated by students and teachers. Usually, the competitions are held include the fields of academics, arts, and sports. This competition can provide space for teachers and students to continue to innovate and explore their potential to be able to develop themselves. In addition, these competitions and games can also strengthen good relations between teachers and students.

Writer: Fauziah Arda Humaira


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