Musical Poetry Competition

indonesian poetry musical competition

indonesian poetry musical competition

Source: Muhammad Nur Fathoni

Poetry musical contest by Indonesia Youth Foundation is a contest for foreigners who will be performing Indonesian poetry musical via pre-recorded videos on the Zoom app. This event aims to promote the Indonesian language and culture to the global community.

Musical poetry is an art genre in performing arts which is the result of a collaboration between the presentation of poetry and music. There is no official agreement or convention regarding the definition of musical poetry, however, it has existed for a long time in the world of Indonesian literature and art.

Registration deadline: March ,12 2021. At 18.00 WİB (GMT+7).

Date: March, 14 2021.
Time: 16.00 WİB (GMT+7) Via Zoom meeting

The rules and technicalities are as follows:

• The competition is held online through Zoom meeting

-Participants are free to choose the theme and title of the poetry.

• Poetry must be in Indonesian language.

-Participants are required to tag 5 of their friends in the posts of the poetry musical competition on Instagram in the comments column within the specified time registration limit. (Friday, 12 March ,2021).and follow our Instagram account “Indonesiayouthfoundation”.

• For participants who want to take part in the competition but don’t have Instagram, they must download it first to be able to follow our requirements.

• Participants must take part in the competition through a video that he has recorded himself, then submitted to the committee within the specified time registration limit. Friday, 12 March, 2021.

-There will be no live competition. Participants should take part in video form. They will be shown live in front of the judges.

•For participants who take part in the competition in video form but are unable to attend, they will still be shown live in front of the judges. The assessment will be written by the judges.

-The competition is held specifically for foreigners (Eligible participants: Non Indonesian and Melayu native speakers).

-This competition is free to be attended by non-participating foreigners and non-participating Indonesians as audience.

• Participants are free to read the poetry they have chosen through various sources or compose their own.

•Participants are required to provide a poetry music video containing their own performance (face to waist)

• Participants must record a video with a musical background (accompanied by a music back sound)

• There is no time limit for reading the poetry competition.

– Participants are allowed to read poetry on paper (while reading).

Participants are requested to upload videos on g-form. If there are problems, participants are able to send their poetry musical video via email to with subject: “Poetry Musical Competition by IYF.”

(The file will be automatically sent as Google Drive links).The last time until March 12, 2021 at 18.00 WİB (GMT+7)

• There are 3 judges. The competition will be judged based on the criteria for accuracy of intonation, appreciation, facial expression, motion improvisation, beauty of poetry and accuracy between reading the poetry and the music.

(Through correct intonation, conformity to musical rhythm, face expressions, judges are able to analyze who understands the meaning of the poetry well.)

• Judges will deliver their comments directly after each participants’s performance.

– Announcement of the winners of the competition will be announced right away after the performance of each participant has ended.

• There are 3 main winners, 1st, 2nd, 3rd place and favorite winner.

• This 1st, 2nd, 3rd and favorite winner will receive a certificate from İYF as an award and will be posted on our Instagram as personal branding

•The example of poetry musical indonesian language please open this link,

Registration link:

Contact Personal (CP): (+62) 85782584086 (Whatsapp) Angel.


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  • It’s a really interesting program. I’m excited about this event.

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