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Many think that the commemoration of Mother’s Day or World Mother’s Day is the same as Mother’s Day in Indonesia. Mother’s Day ( Hari Ibu )  falls on December 22 while world Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May. This means Mother’s Day this year falls on May 10.

Indeed, the celebration of Mother’s Day or World Mother’s Day is the same as Mother’s Day in Indonesia ( Hari Ibu ), but Mother’s Day is celebrated by Western countries from the United States, Canada, the majority of Europe, Australia to New Zealand.

Mother’s Day is celebrated nationally every December 22. This moment is now often used to appreciate the services and sacrifices of a mother in caring for her family.

In a broader context, Mother’s Day on December 22 can also be used as a means to give appreciation to women who have contributed. Meanwhile, the celebration of National Mother’s Day cannot be separated from the work of Indonesian women fighters in building state awareness.

The celebration is the same, as a sign of gratitude from the child to the mother. However, its history spans a wider spectrum than just child-to-mother love: the emancipation of women.

we deserve to pay homage to the mothers of this world. So the day is called Mother’s Day. But do you know the origin of Mother’s Day?

These are some of the reasons why Indonesia makes or commemorates national mother’s day

1. December 22 is the day the first women’s congress was held

Perdebatan di Kongres Perempuan - Historia

Mother’s Day was established by President Soekarno through Presidential Decree No. 316 of 1959 which stipulates December 22 as Mother’s Day. This is because on that date the first Indonesian Women’s Congress was held in Yogyakarta in 1928. This event is remembered as the beginning of the struggle of women in Indonesia.

On that date, various leaders from women’s organizations throughout Indonesia gathered to unite and fight for independence and the betterment of the fate of women.

2. Many Indonesians protest against Kartini Day

8 Bravest Female Indonesian Heroes -

When President Soekarno established Kartini Day as a form of appreciation for activists who fought for women’s emancipation, namely R.A Kartini, many Indonesians at that time protested the President’s policy because Kartini was considered only doing the struggle in the Jepara and Rembang areas.

Kartini was also considered more pro against the Dutch. To avoid protests from these residents, President Soekarno, who had already established Kartini Day, finally established Mother’s Day to commemorate other female heroes.

3 . Indonesian female heroes come together to defend women’s rights

Gerakan Perempuan Indonesia dari Masa ke Masa

Almost the entire agenda in this congress discusses women’s rights. This can be seen from the meeting on the second day of the congress, where Moega Roemah discussed the issue of child marriage. In ancient times before independence, women were often married off even though they were still young.

Representative Poetri Boedi Sedjati (PBS) from Surabaya also conveyed the degree and self-esteem of Javanese women. Then followed by Siti Moendji’ah with “Derajat Perempuan” and Nyi Hajar Dewantara—wife of Ki Hadjar Dewantara—who talked about women’s etiquette

 Indonesian women struggle to get their rights as women and behind that, the reason and purpose of making Mother’s Day are because they want to respect women’s emancipation, therefore they try to make a national mother’s day to commemorate female heroes.

4. The struggle of female heroes, “a mother who wants her offspring to go to school”.

Heroes such as Rohana Koedoes, Kartini, and also Dewi Sartika have an important role in the construction of schools for women in Indonesia. They think that a smart and intelligent mother will have big capital to make her child smart.

Regardless of all that, Mother’s Day is a moment where we remember all the services that have been done by our mothers. Maybe we haven’t been able to repay all of that, or maybe we haven’t even been good children.

Mother’s Day is not only interpreted conservatively to thank mothers who have worked so hard to nurture and care for the family. But the celebration of Mother’s Day is interpreted in a broader sense and not just mothers in a simple sense, but Mother’s Day also honors the contribution of women who have nurtured their communities, their countries, and the larger world.

Writer: Agnes Damora Siburian


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