Halal Tourism

What comes to your mind when you hear that phrase? Halal is a term to cover everything that Muslims can carry out. Thus, Halal Tourism is tourism that follows Islamic norms and allows Muslims to carry out. This term assists Muslims to make their trips easier, and many people can do it, not only Muslims. Halal Tourism is also often considered Islamic tourism. Yet, Halal Tourism is different from the term Islamic Tourism. Halal Tourism indicates social purposes, while Islamic Tourism indicates spiritual and pilgrimage purposes. For instance, the hajj.

Halal Tourism in Indonesia

Indonesia is a country that has a majority of the Muslim population. According to Satriana and Faridah, as the Central Bureau of Statistics in Indonesia stated, “Muslims in Indonesia are 87.18%…” Thus, Indonesia utilized this chance to develop its potential in Halal tourism. To develop its potential in Halal Tourism, Indonesia carried out some efforts. Indonesia conducts food certification tests by the administration bureau of food and drugs. Also, Indonesia increases its number of sharia hotels. Those efforts were difficult to develop since the discotheques and prostitution places rose. Thus, it needs supports and attention from society and local government. 

Halal Tourism Destination in Indonesia

In 2016, Indonesia won 12 awards of 16 categories in the World Halal Tourism Awards in Abu Dhabi.  Thus, some cities considered as Halal Tourism destinations in Indonesia are as followed

1. Aceh, Banda Aceh

Aceh is well-known as ‘Serambi Mekkah’ won in some categories in the World Halal Tourism Award in Abu Dhabi. Those categories are as followed:

  1. World’s Best Airport for Halal Traveler’s = Sultan Iskandar Muda  Airport.
  2. World’s Best Halal Cultural Destination.

2. Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara.

Not inferior to Aceh, Lombok also won in many categories such as:

  1. World’s Best Halal Honeymoon = Sembalun Valley Region.
  2. World’s Best Halal Travel Website = www.wonderfullomboksumbawa.com.
  3. World’s Best Halal Beach Resort = Novotel Lombok Resort & Villas.

3. Padang, West Sumatera.

Padang became the winner as well in many categories as followed:

  1. World’s Best Halal Tour Operator = ERO Tour.
  2. World’s Best Halal Destination.
  3. World’s Best Halal Culinary Destination.

4. Bali, Denpasar.

Although major of its society are non-Muslims, Bali also won in the following category:

  1. World’s Best Hotel = The Radhana Kuta.

5. Bandung, West Java.

The last but not least, Bandung won in the following category:

1. World’s Most Luxurious Family Friendly Hotel = The Trans Luxury Hotel Bandung.

Those are some destinations that recommend for visiting Indonesia. Yet, you have to visit other marvelous places in Indonesia as well since it will spoil you.

Writer: Aulia Ramadhani Nur Hidayah


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