Empowerment the role of youth in the progress of the country

Youth is a moral force, social control, and agent of change as the embodiment of functions, roles, characteristics, and strategic positions in national development. For this reason, the responsibilities and strategic roles of youth in all dimensions of development need to be increased. Therefore, on this occasion, we will discuss the role of youth as the nation’s next-generation, what and how youth should act as the key or successor of the Indonesian nation.

The role of youth as the next generation of the nation has several roles that should be carried out by youth. Some of these roles include the following:

  • Agent of Change

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The role of youth as the first next-generation can be seen from the role of youth as agents of change. This means that youth have a role to be at the center of the progress of the nation itself. In this case, it can be done through the provision of changes in the community environment, both nationally and regionally, towards a better direction in the future. This is also the reason why there are statements such as the role of youth as the next generation because what determines the progress of the country in the future is the young generation through the success of positive changes that can be made.

One of the keys to being successful as agents of change is of course the belief that the youth have, meaning that the younger generation must believe in what they have and always do it well and correctly.

  • Agent of Development.

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Agent of development or development agent as the nation’s successor. This means that young people have roles and responsibilities in efforts to launch or carry out various kinds of development in various fields, both national development and regional development. Why do development agents also play an important role for youth as the nation’s successors? This is because young people are obliged to maintain the existence of the nation on the world stage, and can always give a good impression in the eyes of the world. For example, developing the field of regional culture and then introducing it to the international world.

Even development agents here are not only limited to physical and non-physical development nationally and regionally but also regarding the ability to develop the potential of other young generations. This means that efforts are needed to find out how the potential and productivity of the young generation can be developed together to achieve the development goals of the Indonesian nation now and in the future.

  • Building Education

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Education is a foundation of the various roles above, without a strong education, Indonesian youth will certainly feel difficulties in carrying out their role as the next generation of the Indonesian nation. Therefore, compulsory education is also important to be instilled in the young generation of the Indonesian nation. Some of the roles of youth in developing education in Indonesia can also be seen from the presence of many educators who are still relatively young and have the enthusiasm to provide quality education to the next generation. Not to mention that many Indonesian youth activities aim to improve the quality of education, especially in remote areas on islands scattered throughout the Indonesian nation. This condition has also been included in the efforts of Indonesian youth as the nation’s next-generation in their efforts to build a better education than in previous times.

  • Have a High Fighting Spirit

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The installation of a high spirit of struggle in the younger generation both now and in the past. Things that can be done are such as always trying their best to be able to achieve achievements that make the Indonesian people proud in the eyes of the world, eliminating the spirit of giving up easily, maintaining the unity and integrity of the nation, and so on. Moreover, the spirit of youth in their efforts to achieve national development goals, such as by conveying new development ideas and the desire to be directly involved in nation-building. Although failure is often experienced by Indonesian youth, it is important to remember not to give up easily because failure is the beginning of an awakening and also success.

Writer: Agnes Damora Siburian 

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