“People with disabilities deserve the chance to build a life for themselves in the communities which they choose to live.” – Barack Obama

Do you agree with that statement?

What is Disability?
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated, “Disability is any condition of the body or mind (impairment) that makes it more difficult for the person with the condition to do certain activities (activity limitations) and interact with the world around them (participation restriction).” In other words, disability is a condition in which limits someone’s physical or mental health to do certain activities.

Furthermore, people with disabilities are often stigmatized by people who surround them with various stigmatization and often get discrimination as well. Whereas, people with disabilities also have the same right and same opportunities as us.

Disabled Empowerment

“Being disabled should not mean disqualified from having access to every aspect of life.” – Emma Thompson

Along with what Emma Thompson said earlier, people with disabilities can be empowered as well. Therefore, there are some kinds of empowerment that we can find today to support our friends with disabilities to be more productive. Some of those empowerments are as followed: 

1.Precious One Craft House
Established in 2004 in Jakarta, Precious One became one of the creative craft industries that produce quality handicrafts that succeed to create inclusive employment opportunities for people with disabilities. (Kemenparekraf, 2021)

2. Wistara Batik
Wistara Batik is a disability-friendly industry with a focus on fashion which was established in 2010 by Aryo Setiawan, the founder. In addition, disabilities are directly involved in the production of Batik there. (Kemenparekraf, 2021)

3. Woven Bamboo Craftsmen in Kediri
In Kediri, a Woven Bamboo Craftsmen, Gunawan, created a disabled-friendly creative industry in his village. Its industry aims to create various woven objects by involving and embracing people with disabilities. (Kemenparekraf, 2021)

4. Sunyi House of Coffee and Hope
Located in Cilandak, South Jakarta, this cafe is well-known as an industry that is disabled-friendly since all menu was cooked and prepared by talented people with disabilities. One interesting thing in this cafe is that you must use sign language. (Kemenparekraf, 2021)

Public Figures with Disabilities
Although people with disabilities are often discriminated against and stigmatized, in fact, they are the ones who are always trying, surviving, and not easily giving up on their condition. Thus, they dare to achieve their success. Therefore, there are some public figures that perhaps can inspire and motivate us to be more enthusiastic in life. Those public figures are as followed:

1.Ni Nengah Widiasih (Athlete)


Ni Nengah Widiasih or commonly called Widi is one of the disabled athletes who compete in weightlifting. At first, her limitations made her feel embarrassed. However, in 2017, she wanted to participate in the ASEAN Para Games in Malaysia and get a silver medal. Furthermore, her best achievement was when she participated in the 2016 Paralympic Rio de Janeiro and got a bronze medal. (Skor, 2020)

2. Muhammad Fadli (Racer)


Muhammad Fadli is a successful Paracycling Racer in the Asian Track Championship (ATC) and won gold and silver medals in 2019. His achievement was a witness to his struggle for being able to bounce back after the incident at Sentul Circuit, Bogor, 2015 ago, which made his left leg amputated. (Skor, 2020)

3. Angkie Yudistia (Entrepreneur)


Who does not know Angkie? She is one of the Millennials chosen as presidential staff. Besides, in 2009, she found Thisable Enterprise. Thisable Enterprise itself is a company that provides Disabilities human resources to get a job.

“Thus, we need to keep spirit even in the hardest, since the miracle is unpredictable.”

Writer: Aulia Ramadhani Nur Hidayah


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