Celebrating Eid Al-Fitr in Indonesia​

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To fill your day, we are announcing that Indonesia Youth Foundation has published the fourth edition of IYF Updates!!!

Through IYF Updates, Indonesia Youth Foundation will share what the organization has done and will do in the future, so people can easily know about us and our events better. In our fourth newsletter the topic is “Celebrating Eid Al-Fitr in Indonesia”

We have written all activities we did also what our members has achieved on April. In IYF Updates you can also read more interesting informations about Indonesia. In this edition we will bring you to feel the nuances of Eid Al-Fitr tradition in Indonesia.

Apart from the phenomena that occur in Indonesia, reading IYF Updates will open your horizons of knowledge about what is actually happening right now: The Importance of International Collaboration in Times of Global Crisis; How to Volunteer Remotely During the Covid-19 Crisis; Globalization vs Local Wisdom; and many more

So, what are you waiting for?

Click the link below, and feel the journey!

IYF Updates V O L U M E 1 | N O . 4 | APRIL 2 0 2 1