Bali’s Top Tourist Destinations

bali top touris destination

Bali has gained worldwide attention over the years and became one of the most evocative worldwide tourist destinations. Despite being a relatively small island, Bali is full of beautiful, rugged coastlines and sandy beaches, various landscapes of hills and mountains, abundant rice terraces, and unique spiritual and cultural experiences.

With that, here are several favorite tourist destinations in Bali that you can visit with your family and friends when you get the chance! (p.s some of these you may catch in the movie Eat, Pray, Love)

Kuta Beach

The Kuta beach is amongst the many beautiful beaches that Bali has. Formerly a fishing village, the beach is now amongst Bali’s busiest areas, always crowded by persistent hawkers and tourists.

As many claimed, the steady and restless ocean waves in Kuta beach are perfect for beginner and even advanced surfers. Sunset Beach has also been noted due to its ideal location and position toward the horizon.

kuta beach

Seminyak Street

Everyone who visited Bali is very likely to love the Seminyak area, as there are endless things to do. Ranging from shopping, culinary adventures, high-class and cozy resorts, midnight clubbing, and spas, you can find anything in Seminyak.

Top boutiques and jewelry shops selling flamboyant designed clothes are lined across the street where you can go from one shop to another.

However, if you’re seeking a bargain, you can visit Seminyak Flea Market for clothes, jewelry, carvings, and handicrafts.

You can find various types of restaurants, cafes, and bars along the street of Seminyak. Some may offer a great view of the beach or rooftop seatings.

Due to the variety of luxurious facilities, Seminyak has become an elite tourist area for both foreign and domestic tourists, thus don’t be startled by the price that differs from many other parts of Bali.

seminyak street

Uluwatu Temple

Presiding over plunging sea cliffs above one of Bali’s best surf spots, Uluwatu Temple (Pura Luhur Uluwatu) is amongst the top favorite historical and cultural spots for tourists.

The temple is a Pura (Balinese Hinduism place of worship) dedicated to Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa, the supreme Hinduism God of Bali.

It is best to visit in the evening, not only due to the magnificent sunset view but also because of the daily performance of Kecak Dance. Also, the temple is inhabited by wild monkeys known to have the habit of snatching visitors’ belongings.

uluwatu temple kecak dance

Ubud Monkey Forest

If you are an animal lover or a photographer, this place may be perfect for you. Mandala Suci Wenara Wana, more commonly known as Ubud Monkey Forest, is a sanctuary and natural habitat for Balinese monkeys, Macaca fascicularis.

Other than monkeys, the sanctuary also conserves Timor rusa deer and some rare plants.  As of 2009, the sanctuary holds about 1049 monkeys; we can expect the number to have doubled by now.

It is known that the conservation aims to preserve the principle of Tri Hata Karana (three ways to reach spiritual and physical well being.)

The three ways doctrine refers to the harmonious relationship between humans and humans, between humans and the natural environment, and between humans and The Supreme Gods.

ubud monkey forest

Inside the forest, you can find temples, the Pura Dalem Agung Padangtegal, Pura Beju, and Pura Prajapati. These are all sacred temples where some areas are prohibited for tourists unless they are willing to pray and wear proper Balinese praying attire.

Pura Ulun Danu Bratan

Pura Ulun Danu Bratan, or more commonly referred to as Pura Bratan, is a central Hindu Shaivite Shiva temple located along Lake Bratan.

The illusion of the water that creates the perception of a floating temple and the backdrop of the magnificent Bratan mountains made Pura Bratan Bali’s prominent tourist attraction.

The temple itself dates back to 1633 as a spot for offerings and ceremonies dedicated to Dewi Danu, goddess of the sea and lakes.

On the other hand, the lake serves as Bali’s primary source of irrigation and drinking water. Not too far from the temple is the Bali Botanic Garden and Bali Treetop Adventure Park, which are also worth a visit, especially if you have your children with you.

Tirta Empul Temple

Tirta Empul, located in Manukaya village, has existed for thousands of years (926 AD) and is believed to have been created by the God Indra and possess curative properties. Tirta Empul is dedicated to Vishnu, the God of Water.


Though it also involved shrines to Shiva, Brahma, Indra, and Mount Batur. Even today, Balinese Hindu worshippers, and tourists, are often drawn to the temple to bathe in the refreshing blessed water.

The spot was once visited by the former US President Barack Obama and family in 2017, which puts the temple ever more at the center of selected sites.


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