Indonesian Language Course by IYF pt.3


Bahasa Indonesia or Indonesian language is the official language of Indonesia, that is also known as an archipelago nation of around 17,500 islands – With a total population of nearly 274 million makes it a fact that Bahasa Indonesia is widely spoken. Although there are over 300 local languages in Indonesia, Bahasa Indonesia acts as lingua franca among Indonesian and commonly used for business, education, administrative purposes, etc. If you are a foreigner and are looking for a language to learn, then Bahasa Indonesia can be one of your very best options.


1. Foreigners (non-Indonesian citizenship) who are interested in learning Bahasa Indonesia.

2. Must be at least 18 years old

3. Ready to commit to learn Indonesian language

4. Pre-test must be taken right after registration is submitted.

Benefits Learning Indonesian language with IYF:

Besides providing you with a free online course of Indonesian language, by joining us you will also gain remarkable experiences such as :

1. The opportunity to establish relationships with Indonesian students,

2. The opportunity to get to know Indonesian culture better, and the chance to introduce your country of origin to other international students,

3. Have new foreign language skills,

4. The opportunity to participate in Indonesia Youth Foundation events,

5. Received a certificate.

Application Process:

5 – 30 December 2021

Class Details:

1. This class will be held twice a week via online meeting conference, every Saturday and Sunday for 16 meetings.

2. The class starts on January 8th, 2022.

Contact Person:

Fanny: +62 813-8514-7049 or

** Pre-test must be taken right after registration is submitted. **

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